10 Bizarre Things Found in the Woods

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From strange alien skulls buried near mystery artifacts to finding a medieval gold ring in the forest, these 10 things are amazing.

6. Unknown artifacts outside of a former concentration camp

Typically if you are to visit a museum, you expect that all the artifacts are archived inside the building. Hikers walking through the forest near the Stutthof Museum found a disturbing amount of old shoes, belts, and what looks like shreds of prisoner uniforms. These artifacts need to be further investigated, but it’s a pretty good assumption that these are relics from the past. The museum only covers a small portion of what used to be the concentration camp, so the wooded area probably holds a lot more dark secrets under its soil. What is puzzling is that there are so many shoes, it’s widely known that it was common practice to give the prisoners wooden clogs for shoes and their original shoes were distributed throughout Germany.

5. Stolen Porsche

While this might not be as impressive as a whole forest of old cars, this upside down Porsche does come with its own interesting story. In 1991 a report was made that a Porsche was stolen from a movie theater parking lot. Decades went by with no information of what happened to the car until 2017 when a Porsche was found at the base of a steep cliff in a wooded area in Oregon. The people who stole the car must have been driving recklessly either when they were making their getaway from the scene. It had been sitting there for years untouched and unreported. It’s impossible for the car to be seen from the road above you’d have to be physically down in the ravine to spot it. No human remains were in or near the car so the perpetrators must have gotten away, which is more than can be said about a deer remains found near the car.

4. Medieval Ring

Known for its association with the great legend of Robin Hood Sherwood forest may hold treasure. This gold ring with a sapphire and a ruby was discovered by an amateur treasure hunter, Mark Thompson. He was searching for objects with a metal detector for less than half an hour when the signal went off. The gold glittered in the sunlight, but he didn’t realize how valuable it was until he took it to be appraised. It’s said to be anywhere between 25 grand and 87 grand which is an astounding amount of money to make within 20 minutes. The ring is being compared to the one used on the tomb of Archbishop of Canterbury William Whittlesey in 1374. This one find could change Thompson's whole life.

3. Airplane House

This won’t be a story about finding the remains of a ghastly crash that happened years in the past instead a quirky engineer who decided to convert a plane into a home. Located right in the middle of the Hillsboro, Oregon is the retired Boeing 727 that belongs to Bruce Campbell. He initially spent 100,000 on the plane in 1999 and had it towed to the secluded forest so that he could custom build himself a home. Bruce believes that no airplane should be wasted and all not useless scrapped, but instead recycled and made into homes. When you think about that it only seems logical that retired planes should be made into usable living quarters for any places or person that needs them. Bruse is definitely on to something.

2. Shocking Find

It was quite a shock to find this image online, and the headlines didn’t make it any better. It ranged from Alien Object Found in Forest to something called girl birth with a load of titles in Russian that were of no help. It took some digging, but we found out that this isn’t a UFO or aliens laid outperforming a strange ritual. It’s not even a large creature reminiscent of the peculiar starfish sea animal with a similar build. This object can be found in Essex, Uk and it’s an installation of The Sculpture Park. So if you want to find weird objects in a wooded area, but with the safety of knowing their only art pieces then this is the place to go!

Tree face

Around the world, cultures have believed in spirits that inhabit trees or tree deities. These trees make that lore come to life; the details are breathtaking. Sculpted by Keith Jennings these faces on trees are enough to make one think that they are going to start talking any minute now. He began this unique way of expression in 1982, and he called them his “Tree Spirits” and it started off as just a project he did it his backyard. When images of his work spread he started to get job offers, people and towns wanted his work to be displayed in their forests and their cities. He simple lets the wood speak to him and then begins creating what feels right. Jennings claims that there is almost a spiritual communication between him and the wood that makes these carvings come to life. To make the ethereal faces emerge from the stumps and gnarled trunks take around 2 to 4 days.

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