10 Disney Movies Secretly Based on Disturbing Stories

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10 Lighthearted Disney Movies Actually Based on Dark Stories

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Disney movies are known for their family appropriate content and the warm and fuzzy feeling audiences get from watching them over again with each new generation. However, these saccharine and cozy films come from stories that are anything but lighthearted. Here are 10 Disney Movies that were secretly based on Disturbing Stories.

Script by: Megan Bushree

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano



The Little Mermaid | 0:20

Cinderella | 1:16

Snow White | 1:54

Pocahontas | 2:39

Pinocchio | 3:16

The Lion King | 3:49

Sleeping Beauty | 4:22

Mulan | 5:04

The Hunchback of Notre Dame | 5:31

Frozen | 6:11

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