10 Things You Should Never Google - Seriously, Don't Do It.

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10 Things You Should Never Google ... Seriously, Don't Do It.

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Don’t know something, Google it! That is the mantra to survive the modern life knowledge crisis. But how often do you feel like Alice who was lost in Wonderland because you searched the web and got thrown onto a site unrelated? We’ve all been there and other than a waste of time we haven’t thought much of it. Have you ever landed on a site in the process that left you bitter and you swore to never see Google in the face? If not, you are darn too lucky. We have got you a list of things that you should never Google; make that NEVER EVER in case you have slightest of love for your sanity!

Number 10. The body farm

Number 9. Death Clock

Number 8. Medical symptoms

Number 7. You or your partner

Number 6. How to make a bomb

Number 5. Mr. Hands

Number 4. Anything that spills your insecurities

Number 3. Anything that reveals your location

Number 2. Ballerina Feet

Number 1. Tub Girl

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