Battle Square - Challenge #5 - Green Demon Challenge (Super Mario 64)

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Jirard takes on the Green Demon Challenge in Super Mario 64! He must collect all of the eight red coins on Bob-omb Battlefield before a 1up-mushroom reaches him!

If you'd like to submit a challenge for the Battle Square, please read below:

1. Please submit your requests in the "r/completionist" thread on reddit. Please refer to the following link:


2. If your request requires a player to be at a specific point in the game, PLEASE PROVIDE A GAME SAVE FILE. The idea of this show is that it is suppoed to be produced on a weekly basis. Having an easily accessible way of getting to a specific point in a game will allow a challenge to have a greater chance of being accepted.

3. Do NOT request for an entire game to be completed. That's something that's already done on the ThatOneVideoGamer channel on a weekly basis, and the idea is that these videos are supposed to be somewhat confined and compact; entire game playthroughs are simply not feasible for a show like this.

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