Destiny 2 Forsaken (PS4 Pro) -Part 1- Walkthrough Gameplay Full Campaign (No Commentary)

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Following years of turmoil, The Reef has begun to degrade into lawlessness. Cayde-6 and the Guardian are sent to investigate the area and help alleviate the area's major stresses. Upon landing at The Reef, a massive prison break occurs at the Prison of Elders, freeing some of the most wanted and dangerous criminals back into the galaxy. Beyond the Vanguard’s authority, the player will pursue these fugitives deep into the Reef. The most powerful of the fugitives, known as The Scorn, is responsible for leading the breakout. The Guardian, Cayde-6, and Petra Venj look to hunt the 8 Barons of the Scorn, eventually culminating in the discovery of the Awoken homeworld known as the Dreaming City.

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