Grandma's HILARIOUS Reaction to Pregnancy Reveal! // Family Pregnancy Reactions!

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Grandma's HILARIOUS Reaction to Pregnancy Reveal!

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On Christmas Eve I found out that I was finally pregnant and got to surprise my husband on Christmas morning with the best news in the world- WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Then we got to surprise our family! Out of everyone we told I think my Grandma had the funniest reaction! It was so special to be able to tell so much of my family in person! Thank you all for the love and support, we are so grateful for you all!!! We can't wait to share this journey with you guys!

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History of The Earls Family (Place in Main Channel About too!)

Rachel and Harold met in 2012 while they were both in college. Rachel went to The Florida State University and Harold went to The United States Military Academy- West Point.

Rachel started this youtube channel in 2014 after graduating college. It became Rachel Earls Vlogs where she documented everything from preparing for their wedding in 2015, their European honeymoon adventure, and their life together as newlyweds. Eventually we renamed this channel to Earls Family Vlogs as we have a baby on the way and our family continues to grow.

Rachel and Harold Earls have one baby boy on the way (we haven't announced his name yet), and hope to have more children very soon! They have two dogs: Ranger, who is an australian shepherd and Tracker, an australian cattle dog!

Harold currently serves in the United States Army and Rachel shares about the ups and downs of being a military spouse.

They are a Christian family who strive to live by the saying Rachel started saying in the vlogs: "Love God, Love People, Make a Difference & Be Thankful"

Welcome to The Earls Fam :)

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