Kim Kardashian's Daughter VS Beyonce's Daughter

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North West compared to Blu Ivy Carter.. who has the better fashion, birthday parties and more.

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Even people who roll their eyes at pictures of their coworkers kids love hearing about celebrity children. Among the most famous are North West and Blue Ivy Carter. But how do these two girls compare to one another? We’ll find out! Blue Ivy may get to rap with her famous father, Jay-Z, but North is clearly exploring a career in photography. A princess-themed party may seem passe, but when thrown by Beyonce, it’s absolutely next level. However, you may be surprised that Kim Kardashian sends her daughter to a far more private and posh pre-school. We have accepted the fact that both of these children are far better dressers than we’ll ever be, but who has more designer duds? We’ll even take a look at the pets that each girl has to determine who is the victor. From who has a nicer handbag, to who throws a better party, let’s compare Blue Ivy Carter with North West.


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