Passing a Colorblind Test with Pilestone TP-012 Glasses

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8 Test Results below! (Scroll down in the description).

We ordered Pilestone TP-012 glasses for our colorblind son. We had no idea what to expect. His immediate reaction when putting them on was "everything is red", and we thought that we did not get lucky in finding something that worked for him. But after just a couple minutes adjusting to them, he refused to take them off.

We went for a walk around Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America (a separate video we will be uploading soon and will be linked here), figuring it would be a colorful place to take them for a test run. He was definitely able to identify and differentiate between more colors than he ever had before putting on the glasses. Many Greens were not brown anymore. Reds were more vibrant and some browns were now correctly identified as red! The violets/purples were definitely a big surprise. Until putting on the glasses, everything "purple" was blue to him! He just stared at the purple energy drink can we had in the car on the way to the mall in amazement, trying to figure out how that was possible.

When we returned home, we decided to try a colorblind test provided by "the other guys". I had read in a few places that these kinds of glasses don't really help with testing, but decided to try anyway just for fun.

In the end we ran this test 8 times. 4 times with the glasses off, and 4 times with the glasses on. Alternating back and forth. This video shows tests 7 and 8. The tests were run under slightly different scenarios as described next to each test.

The PC monitors/Television were freshly calibrated with a Spyder Elite 4 - not sure if this is required, but certainly don't think it could hurt. I wanted the best color reproduction I could get.

Here were the results:

Testing with the glasses OFF:

Test 1 - Strong Deutan (On a different PC and monitor than shown in this video)

Test 3 - Strong Deutan (This television with lights in the room turned on)

Test 5 - Moderate Deutan (We turned off all lights in the room for this one - and I think this helped)

Test 7 - EXTREME Deutan (This is the test from this video - and lights in the room were back on)

Testing with the glasses ON:

Test 2 - Normal Color Vision (On a different PC and monitor than shown in this video)

Test 4 - Normal Color Vision (This television with lights in the room turned on)

Test 6 - Normal Color Vision (All lights in the room turned off)

Test 8 - Normal Color Vision (This is the test shown in the video - and lights in the room were turned back on)

The room lighting certainly affected his naked eye perception a bit, but all proved that he had some green weakness.

With the glasses on, he passed the test. Every. Single. Time.

I had always been curious about these types of glasses I had seen videos of online, but also a bit skeptical. Pilestone's offering at a price that didn't break the bank convinced me to at least see if they could help. In the end, we are certainly glad we made the investment. There are many types of colorblindness, and these may not help everyone, but for our son, these are definitely winners!

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