Suzuki DR650 120mph Top speed run-Fail

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Trying to hit top speed on the trusty DR650 puttin out a whoppin 40-ish hp. Not happening with all the oncoming traffic wind blasts and the oncoming car in my lane halfway through. Gonna have to do it again.



Clear case with open back


Current Setup:

2014 Suzuki DR650SM

Warp 9 Racing-17" SuperMoto Wheels

17" speedo hub

320mm front rotor-EBC Red pads

Continental ContiAttack SM tires

120/70-R17 front

150/60-R17 rear

D.I.D 520 Chain swap

17/41 520 JT Sprockets

Warp 9 Racing aluminum skid plate

MooseRacing 6061-T6 Aluminum handguards

MooseRacing full bearing chain rollers

DynoJet Carb kit-Tune

K&N air filter-Airbox side cover removed-No pre-filter

Ported stock header pipe at the flange

Two Brothers M-7 V.A.L.E. exhaust with midpipe-no baffle

17 tooth front/41 tooth rear sprockets

Soon to be done mods:

RICOR front fork Intiminators

TrailTech Vapor digital guage

...Patience young Padawan.....Patience!...

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