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@TheSunVanished is a strange Twitter account that appeared just over a month ago and has exploded onto the internet by creating several areas around the internet dedicated to talking about the creepy Twitter account: It has a @TheSunVanished Reddit, Discord and even had YouTube channels keeping a close eye. But not many have really looked into the story but rather just done 'Creepy readings' on the account.

So, today I thought I'd do a little investigating and dedicate a video to this creepy Twitter account known as TheSunVanished.

Be very afraid. This is a dark place to be.


Inside A Mind:

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Thank you all for watching!

Stay Safe! And Don't Pull A Pickard!


The Sun Vanished Twitter account:

Tucker Twitter account:

The Sun Vanished Reddit Page:


MUSIC (Order of appearance):

Chaos (Found in Creator Studio)

Operation Capture:

Dark_Walk (Found in Creator Studio)

Contamination (Found in Creator Studio)

Hope you all enjoy The Sun Vanished story!

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