twenty one pilots - Migraine Animatic/Storyboard {TW//Blood, Suicide} {15K+ Subs Special}

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Wooh! It's been one year since my Forest animatic, and woah, look at the views. Thank you so much guys for the lovely comments! So, I wasn't really supposed to be making this one but instead it's Anathema, but I had a hard time thinking of the scenes. And realizing earlier this is April, I looked back to the video to search for comments on what song they want to be made an animatic.

And lo, and behold, I saw ZephyrSoul's comment (and there's others requesting it too ahaha) about making the migraine fic an animatic and!

Voila, lmao.

This one is so fun to make. I do hope I manage to improve? (But somehow, I got lazy in other parts so like, boo.)

So, like, thank you so much for watching. Oh! And thank you for the 15K subs buds! You guys are the best! :'D

I also have discord now! So, feel free to chat. Discord: https://discord.gg/yebjXsJ


Song: Migraine

Artist/Band: twenty one pilots

Migraine Fic by beyondinfinice (jeondreaming): https://www.wattpad.com/282264042-the-migraine-fic-a-continuation-of-the-forest-fic/

Forest Fic by solo-chaos: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1822504


Medium: Samsung - Touch Screen Laptop w/ Pen

Art: Paint Tool SAI

Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 11

Time Taken: 1 week


Twitter: @hiLarry_Child https://www.twitter.com/hiLarry_Child

Instagram: @hilarry_trash https://www.instagram.com/hilarry_trash


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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the audio nor the background art! I only own my art. No Copyright


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