WWE Superstar Shake-up 2018 | WWE 2018 Draft Predictions and Rumors

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WWE Superstar Shake-up 2018 | WWE 2018 Draft Predictions and Rumors

It’s time to shake things up again. Beginning Monday on Raw and continuing Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE, the General Managers of each show will switch up their rosters to dramatically alter the competitive landscape of their brands.

But which Superstars will change shows? Might we see Braun Strowman bring his destructive tendencies to SmackDown LIVE, or will newly former SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan bring The “Yes!” Movement to Monday nights?

WWE.com editors provided their picks for who they’d most like to see change brands in the 2018 Superstar Shake-up and discuss what potential matchups we might see if that happened.

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WWE 2018 Draft Predictions


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